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Swimming Pool Service – Austin, Texas

Pool Service in Austin TexasWeekly Pool Cleaning:
We will provide cleaning service & supplies on a weekly basis so you can have a truly “Maintenance–Free Pool.” We do not require yearly contracts, we charge on a “per-visit” basis plus chemicals. This way you only get charged for the supplies needed for your individual pool needs, not an over inflated “average.” In the spring & summer months chemical usage will obviously be higher than in the fall & winter. Some pools can even get by with every-other-week service in the “Off Season,” or can be covered and winterized.”

Each weekly cleaning visit includes:

  • Testing and adjusting chemical levels
  • skimming pool surface
  • empty pump & filter baskets
  • cleaning or backwashing filter
  • vacuuming pool
  • brushing walls & tiles

Drain & Clean/Acid Wash:
Pools can go “green” beyond routine cleanup procedures. Black Lagoons-happen. Water can get “stale” after 5-10 years and over-saturated with stabilizer and calcium which can only be reduced by draining and throwing out the “baby’s bath water.” The average pool holds 15-25,000 gallons which sounds like a lot but is only $40-80 worth of water. Pools that have been neglected can easily cost 10 times that in chemicals alone and take weeks to clear up in a “normal cleanup process.” With the pool drained, we can acid wash and or pressure wash the plaster to lighten or remove algae & mineral deposits and repair cracks or remove rusted rebar stains.

Vacation Cleaning:
It is easy to find some one to feed the dog, but trust them with the pool & it’ll go green! LPS can clean & chemically treat the pool while you are out of town for a worry-free vacation.

Equipment Repair:
Longhorn Pool Service repairs and replaces all brands of pumps, filters, automatic pool sweeps, time clocks, freeze guards, heaters, chlorinators, etc. Our staff is certified and trained by the major manufacturers of pool equipment. We install “User-Friendly” equipment sets and provide expert advice by a “field qualified service manager,” if your problem can be handled over the phone. This saves you money & us time by accurately addressing your needs at the time of the first call. This also helps us maintain the fastest response time in Austin!

Leak Detection:
Pools may crack, ground shifts and plumbing leaks can occur. We have an “in-house” leak expert with electronic leak detection equipment that can pinpoint leaks. We repair the leaks quickly and return your pool to working order, unlike other “Leak Services.”

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Swimming Pool Service in Austin Texas